Outcomes of India’s Mars orbiter and India’s space science missions


I was invited as a guest on the New Space India podcast by Narayan Prasad to discuss ISRO’s Mars orbiter in detail. Happy to have gotten this opportunity to talk about Mangalyaan and India’s space exploration missions.

Topics discussed include:

  • 01:30 – My journey of space writing

  • 05:33 – What makes Mars such an attractive destination?

  • 09:33 – Mangalyaan

  • 13:12 – Payloads on Mangalyaan

  • 19:31 – How can we do better science in our missions?

  • 25:07 – How did the payloads perform in Mars orbit?

  • 29:31 – Media coverage of Mangalyaan and NASA MAVEN

  • 35:57 – What can we do better science missions going ahead?

  • 43:42 – Future science missions from ISRO

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