A little space for fun. Pun intended.
Fun little short videos on space exploration.
My Q&A and Podcast appearances talking about space exploration, ISRO, and more.
Some talks on space exploration that I gave to students, at events, and more.
Videos I made to just appreciate the beauty of objects in space.
Interviewing Tory Bruno, leading the company that has launched every NASA mission to MarsYou can read an article version of the interview here: https://blog.jatan.space/p/interviewing-tory-bruno-ceo-ula
How you can build for space exploration with a background in physical sciences.
My popular science talk discussing the technological roadblocks that keep us from living on the Moon and beyond.
Celebrate the start of the Space Age with this Sputnik wallpaper pack.
Outcomes of India’s Mars orbiter and India’s space science missionsI was invited as a guest on the New Space India podcast by Narayan Prasad to discuss ISRO’s Mars orbiter in detail.
Pretty global views of the red planet and some of its iconic features.
Does India have a space exploration roadmap?I was invited by Tech2/Firstpost on their science podcast alongside Narayan Prasad to talk about India’s space exploration roadmap, or the lack thereof.